Unedited Glory

I don’t know about you, but I cannot believe that it is the end of October. My PhD has taken hold of me, and while I am no-where near as productive as I would like to be, the workload is all consuming. It’s all I think about, and everyday I am doing something towards it. The good news, is most of my quantitative data has been collected. YAY! The bad news, is now it’s more fucking hard work. Ugh. And I’m a wee bit tired of of people asking what I’m going to do when I finish. Stop making me folks, because I have no fucking clue. Unless you’re offering me a job, don’t ask what I’m doing with my life post uni.

In September I went to Canberra and it was exciting. It has been ages since I travelled alone, and even longer since I’ve travelled for the sake of it. Canberra was everything I expected and more. I went for the APSA conference, and I was reminded that I am socially awkward. NBD, cause I got a selfie with Antony Green, visited the Federal Parliament, and saw Floridae.

My desk in all of it’s unedited glory. How does your compare?
Tulips from Floriade. Call me a Nanna, but I can’t wait to go back again.
In the House of Representatives. They wouldn’t let me on the floor, because I’m not an MP.
A snapshot from Federal Parliament. I felt super safe, because there was a man with a massive gun, patrolling the place.

Needing out to the MAX at the big house.

Because I am lazy, I ripped this list street from Meet me at Mikes.

Making : My head explode with data
Cooking :Vegemite and cheese on toast
Drinking :Goon (don’t judge, I’m a poor student)
Reading: All Fall Down by Matt Condon.
Wanting: To have my life sorted
Looking: Like I’ve just rolled out of bed
Playing: Sonic Dash
Deciding: That I need a job. ASAP
Wishing: upon a star
Enjoying: Coming home to my puppy
Waiting: to hear back from a friend
Liking: comfort food too much
Wondering: If I will ever be an adult
Loving: $6 roasts at uni
Pondering: the ethics of a $6 roast
Considering: Netflix. But dammit Mr Turnbull, you still haven’t fixed my internet!
Buying: Nothing because I am poor. Although I need new tyres and a windscreen.
Watching: Kitchen Cabinet, Peeky Blinders and HANGING OUT FOR DR BLAKE!
Hoping: Dr Blake is coming back real soon
Marvelling: at the data
Cringing: At federal politics.
Needing: Cashola and a holiday
Questioning: existentialism
Smelling: I caught the bus today, and was stuck between bad aftershave and fart.
Wearing: A wool dress that I nabbed for $20 from a posh lady shop.
Following: The QLD Hansards
Noticing: That I need to stop procrastinating
Knowing: That Social Media is the worst
Thinking: about gender equality
Admiring: Other academics
Sorting: My shit out
Getting: tired of driving so much
Bookmarking: election info on websites
Coveting: Thou shall not Covert
Disliking: Politics
Opening: my wallet and finding moths
Giggling: at Tony Abbot telling Europe to stop the boats. If you don’t laugh you cry.
Feeling: Sad after watching the news. Too many women are being killed by their partners and at the hands of men.ย 
Snacking: On lollies
Hearing: podcasts that I’m addicted to. Like this one, and this oneย and this one.